Kule Loklo History

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Some photographs of Kule Loklo. Click any photograph to enlarge it.

Entrance to the Kule Loklo roundhouse The roundhouse, a semi-subterranean structure. Because our roundhouse is used for traditional ceremonial purposes, admittance is restricted.
Two redwood kotchas.at Kule Loklo Two redwood kotchas. The kotcha was the traditional Coast Miwok dwelling. Depending on location, they could be made of either redwood or tule.
A tule kotcha at Kule Loklo This is a tule kotcha.
Entrance to Kule Loklo's sweathouse The sweat house entrance. Like the roundhouse, the sweat house is a semi-subterranean structure.
Kule Loklo's sweathouse interior The sweat house interior.
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